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What people are saying about Gesundheit Healing

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Send me your thoughts to share with others here on this site, anonymously or loud and proud! Whether you want to think of them as stories, testimonials, or reviews, it’s all good.

Plus, this helps others understand the holistic nature of acupuncture.

Read patients' stories below!

She's a miracle worker! Amazing!

The acupuncturist, Catherine, changed my life, truly! She is incredible at what she does, takes time to really get to know you and understand your needs. I started seeing her when I was four months pregnant with my fourth child and looking for a holistic way to cure my ailments after three tough pregnancies. I had never felt better in my life than after seeing Catherine. From my headaches, to nausea, to heartburn, Catherine sent me on a journey to my best pregnancy to date. She's a miracle worker! Amazing!

Jenny, Charlotte, NC, via Yelp


It was the start of something amazing and life-changing.

I was sitting in a meditation session, and my mind wandered to my frustration with the amount of antibiotics I had taken for a series of infections that winter. Then, it hit me: try acupuncture right now. I was incredibly fortunate to head across the entryway at the end of meditation and try my first acupuncture session with Catherine. I asked her to boost my immunity, and that was my last infection and my last dose of antibiotics. It was the start of something amazing and life-changing.

Since then, I have been fortunate to have Catherine open my mind and body to acupuncture, cupping, and herbs. All of these treatments serve to improve my immunity, aches and pains, general and specific anxiety, travel concerns, and overall balancing. When people ask why I go to acupuncture and whether it has worked, the answer isn't simple because I didn't have a sore joint that was fixed. I had a body that was out of balance and acupuncture has brought it into balance. 

I also appreciate Catherine's openness to the integration of Western medicine. I still take Western medicines, have procedures, and do testing. She makes me feel good about all that! They are not in conflict. 

Finally, Catherine is one of the gentlest, kindest, most individually-attuned, and warmest people I've been fortunate to know. If I ask a question and it's a new one, she researches the topic thoroughly. She seems to remember everything I've ever mentioned. Having her in my life has created greater wellness than I've ever experienced.

Carol, Evanston, IL


...Integrative and comprehensive approach.

I am very happy I went to see Catherine for acupuncture. She was truly interested in helping me and taking my specific needs into consideration. She was knowledgeable and provided excellent advice. The acupuncture session was wonderful. What I liked most was her integrative and comprehensive approach. I left the session feeling great and looking forward to returning soon.

Beatriz, Evanston, IL


I knew I was in good hands.

I initially came to Catherine with chronic neck pain. Physical therapy had run its course and I noticed that my pain was plateauing. During our introductory session, I knew I was in good hands. Not only did Catherine take the time to fully understand the root of my neck issues, she ran through a list of any and all possible ailments that may or may not be connected to it, then proceeded to treat me holistically.

Throughout treatment, Catherine kept careful records and always followed up – asking what worked for me and tracking any improvements. She also put in extra due diligence and provided many amazing suggestions for diet, supplements, etc. – anything that could be contributing to my well-being.

I really appreciated the care that Catherine put into my treatment. I wish every healthcare professional had the same amount of professionalism, compassion and holistic knowledge that Catherine embodies. Thank you, Catherine!

Laureen, Portland, OR


Every week I look forward to my acupuncture treatment...

I have been a patient of Catherine since shortly after the start of her practice in Evanston. Every week I look forward to my acupuncture treatment, which includes tui na ("push-pull" body work) and cupping. Catherine is not only an excellent provider, she is a friend and confidante. I don't know what I would do without this beautiful person. 

Thank you for everything you do for me, Catherine!

Barbara, Skokie, IL